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About Us

Maman Group – our parent group

Maman Euro Logistic s.r.o. is a daughter company of the international Maman Group, headquartered in Israel.

The Maman Group is the leading Israeli provider of logistics and aviation services, is active in air freight transport, logistics, storage, passenger transport, archiving, security services, etc. You will find more details about the Maman Group at https://en.maman-group.co.il (in English).

Maman in the Czech Republic

Maman Euro Logistic s.r.o. has thus far been the only foreign acquisition in Central and Eastern Europe. The background of a large company creates best preconditions for fulfilment of specific requirements of customers.

1999 – Maman Euro Logistic s.r.o. is a legal successor of the original company Avex-Logistic a.s., which was established in 1999.

2000 – In 2000 the company began operating a newly built logistics centre situated not far from Cheb, in Lipoltov.

After starting the operation, our key client was the Michelin Group. For several years the logistics centre was a key point for the export of Michelin tyres to Central and Eastern Europe. These services were ensured through 100% outsourcing which, in addition to handling of goods, also included quality control, customs clearance and accounting of deliveries, etc.

Work for a demanding customer – a multinational group, connected with an extraordinary volume of goods, emphasis on quality, accuracy, time frames, had a major impact on building a strong and professional team. Based on this quality approach, Maman has continued growing to become a stable partner to this day.

2003 – The company was transferred under the full ownership of Maman and subsequently also changed its name to Maman Euro Logistic s.r.o.

2017 – We built a new hall with an area of 3,500 m².

Due to a high demand for storage premises, we will finish other halls in the near future with a total area exceeding 10,000 m².

What is the basis of our success in logistics?

Maman Euro Logistic s.r.o. adheres to all legislative and normative requirements relating to our activities. In addition, we manage our activities so that we could meet the requirements of our customers to the greatest possible extent, whether in terms of communication, management or the security of stored goods.

Pillars of our approach

  • Cooperation and willingness to listen. We analyse the logistics, technical and business requirements of our customers and implement them in our processes.
  • Operational efficiency and permanently favourable prices. We use our own means as well as the means entrusted to us by our customers effectively, efficiently and economically to eliminate unnecessary wastage.
  • Knowledge and skills. We are professionals in our specialization, and have been learning and developing ourselves continuously. We monitor current trends in our business, gather experience and develop the expertise and skills of our staff.
  • Partnership and stability. We endeavour to be a partner to our customers and thereby not only provide our customers with services, but also added value in the form of offered solutions. We develop partner relationships with our employees, because we realise that the best results are achieved by a stable work team. We endeavour to be a partner in our region and are willing to cooperate with public authorities.
  • Continuous improvement. The Company management set the business and economic objectives to ensure our continuous development, emphasis on improvement and extension of the provided services, communication with customers and the surrounding region, building partner relationships at all levels.